Friday, May 23, 2008

Christy Graduated

Soooo... Christy graduated from junior high on Tuesday night.  She has turned into such a fantastic, beautiful, and sweet young woman.  It is freaking me out.  I still remember when we were first married and she talked to me about how she though she should have a later bedtime than the other kids...since she was the oldest (at 8).  I was so proud of her as she sat Paul down and logically, but sweetly explained to him why she should be allowed to stay up later.  Of course, he couldn't resist her charm.

She looked so beautiful in her yellow and white dress.  It was my honor to completely humiliate her by yelling "YEAH CRIZZLE" as she walked up to get her diploma.  You could actually see her cringe.

Their class went to Disneyland that night.  She had so much fun, but said that she didn't have enough time to shop and the bus was freezing coming home.  She is awesome!